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Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
innovatioinnovatio n, infrastructure, new energy, new forms of energy because there will be no consistency is in june we were to set out a roadmap and then we're have a deflationary pack and the fall of the european financial framework. my third principle is that the budget must support the most vulnerable of europeans, those most exposed to the crisis, the poorest of the poor. the funds for their must not only be kept going, they must have more money paid into them. we have the globalization adjustment fund. it is necessary. we are to deal with the restructure. many countries have to face. and the european structural funds is all in the regional programs and, of course, unemployment very young people, which must be a european program with a real priority for the choices we have to make. lastly, the last of these principles that i will be defending in these negotiations that are about to open is a resource system that is more fair and more comprehensible. in the short term the amount of the checks and the rebates must not rise anymore, but in the future we must have real resources. this is vital, oth
Feb 5, 2013 6:00am EST
, metastasize. we are seeing growth in the energy sector, so oil and gas, they're always finding new fields. ghana is a great example. the oil industry, its booming. there are other places around west africa. in one region there's potential for oil gas up in certain quadrants between the borders of mali and mauritania. you have western companies out looking for this. exxonmobil, bp, diamond offshore, all these companies are out there, so you've got westerners operating in the region and if you start seeing attacks like the one we saw in algeria, that's going to cause some impact economically. you will see that, but the other thing is, i always use france as an example from a threat to base, you have 10% of the french population is of some percentage north africa, whether its first, second, third, or fourth generation. you have individuals from within these groups that are sympathetic to the aqim cause or the islamist cause in the region, you know. if you keep this unchecked what you're going to have is a migration flow, potential attacks in europe, yeah, people with the dual citizenship. wh
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
with you and what happens to you in life is you. you make decisions. you decide how much energy you want to put behind that decision. and i came to understand that i had control of my own destiny. and at that point i didn't hate poverty anymore, because i knew it was only temporary. i knew i could change that. it was incredibly liberating for me, made all the difference. .. >> anybody finishing the second grade was completely literate. he could find a mountain that on the outskirts of society that could read a newspaper, have a political discussion, to tell how the government worked. if you really want to be impressed, take a look at the chapter on education in my latest book, america the beautiful, which i wrote with my wife, came out last year. and in that education chapter you will see questions extracted from a sixth grade exit exam fro.i doubt most college graduas today could pass that test. we have dumbed things down to that level. and the reason that that is so dangerous is because the people who founded this nation said that our system of government was designed for a well-inform
Feb 6, 2013 7:30am EST
's policies on taxes, health care, pensions, energy, and financial markets and institutions, among others. mr. hennessy has spent more that 15 years in economic policy roles for senior elected officials. before his time in the white house who worked on capitol hill for more than seven years as economics advisers to former senate majority leader trent lott. since leaving the white house mr. hennessy has been a television commentator, one of the top 25 economic blogs by "the wall street journal." he also served as a member of the financial crisis inquiry commission. mr. hennessy holds an undergraduate degree from stanford and masters degree in public policy from harvard university's kennedy school of government. as chair of president obama's council of economic advisers from january 2009 until september 2010, dr. christina romer was one of the for economics principals who met with president obama daily to design and guide the administration's response to the great recession. dr. romer played a key role in the administration's macroeconomic policy, reform of the financial system, health care ref
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am EST
oriented toward dwrowt. and much of the time and energy in this year of italian government has been devoted precisely to that. and we have been among the pushing facto at the table of the european counsel including adoption for the fact for growth, and also with the daily insistence on the single market being taken more seriously. we all know that europe is based on the single market, but we also know, as prime minister cameron, i heard just say there isn't really single market for energy for many of the services for the digital services in europe. and finally, we insist with some success in the recent european counsel to have a more forward-looking understanding in europe of the role of the good public investment particular for the interconnections for the infrastructure, investment, and this is something that we should also take in to account in our view, when we move in a couple of weeks to, i hope, the negotiations on the e.u. budget. .. in the last 12 months, we have come back to the market. can you tell us a little bit more about the structural economic reforms. particularly repairing
Feb 6, 2013 2:00am EST
it a more perfect union our way. tonight, i feel this energy and hope. when i began in new york, my metaphor was i was a prisoner of hope. the challenges looked so great. every month, my staff would come in with a new problem that we did not realize was there. i wouldn't look at them and say, i am a prisoner of hope. [laughter] seven years as the mayor of the city of newark, where we have ushered in our biggest development in our economy, for the first time in 60 years, our population has grown and is not declining, i have changed my metaphor. this nation has taught me that i need not be a prisoner of hope. the possibilities in this country, the promise of people coming together, has changed my metaphor. my experience in my great city has changed my metaphor. now i am hopeful unhinged. there is nothing we cannot do. [applause] i end with a question that has been asked since the war of 1812, when a man standing off the coast of our country watching bombs bursting in air penned these words that form a question that we must answer in this generation, that we must rise and tell the truth of who
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6